I live in Manhattan and work at Enigma, where we build data intensive solutions for financial services compliance. Previously, I helped organizations manage their relationships with governments at FiscalNote. Before that, I helped civilian federal agencies operate ever-so-slightly more efficiently with Deloitte Consulting. I grew up in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, and studied systems engineering at the University of Virginia.

This site has taken many forms since I first claimed the domain in 2011. Most recently, it’s a forum to share what I’m working on and my thoughts on whatever has captured my interest recently. Just because I’m sharing my thoughts, doesn’t mean you should read them. In fact, I’d encourage you to spend your time reading what these folks write instead. I’m writing for myself as the primary audience. I’m hoping that that the accountability of posting publicly will force me to clarify my thoughts to the point that they’re not obviously wrong.

If you have feedback or thoughts on something I’ve written, or if you think someone else said it better, please email me. Some of the best conversations I’ve had have taken place via years long email exchanges that meander from one topic to the next. I may take a long time to get back to you, especially if your message deserves a thoughtful response. If you share my interests enough to have read this page, consider this an open invitation to get coffee if you come to Manhattan. Just email me and we’ll make it happen.

I’m not a big social media user, but you can find me around the internet. I retweet stuff that I find funny or interesting at @BillPalombi. I share articles or posts that I’ve read and enjoyed via Pocket. I have a LinkedIn profile, but I try to use it as little as possible. My friends and I made some videos in college that will probably be my life’s greatest contribution to YouTube.

I built this site with Pelican and Pneumatic.

This page was last updated on 4/27/2019.