About Me

I live in Washington, DC, where I advocate for more accessible, livable communities through denser development and infrastructure that supports micromobility, especially bikes.

I work at Prefect, where we coordinate the world’s dataflows by building the greatest workflow orchestrator ever. Previously, I managed the teams and systems that collected, ingested, and analyzed the data the powered FiscalNote’s global policy intelligence. Before that, I helped financial institutions better comply with regulatory obligations with Enigma. Even earlier, I helped civilian federal agencies operate ever-so-slightly more efficiently with Deloitte Consulting.

I grew up in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, and studied systems engineering at the University of Virginia.

About This Site

This site has taken many forms since I first claimed the domain in 2011. Currently, it’s a way to share what I’m working on and my thoughts on whatever has captured my interest recently. I write for the following audiences, in order of importance:

  1. Me: I’m a believer in the power of writing to clarify thinking, live more curiously, and generate serendipity. This site is a tool for me to do all of those things.
  2. My friends: I have a bad habit of getting really into a thing and making every conversation about that thing. This site is a place to dump those things out of my head so I can send links instead of ruin conversations.
  3. People that read the stuff I read and want to read more stuff like that: Usually that stuff has to do with the business of tech, media for thought, sociotechnical systems, startups, and unconventional sociology.

I built this site with Pelican and Pneumatic.

Keep In Touch

I’m not much of a social media user, but you can find me around the internet. I’m lurking and occasionally retweeting on Twitter at @BillPalombi. I have a LinkedIn profile, but I try to use it as little as possible. My friends and I made some videos in college that will probably be my greatest contribution to YouTube.

If you have feedback or thoughts on something I’ve written, please email me. You can tell me what you think about what I think, and I can tell you what I think about what you think about what I think. It’ll be fun, I promise. I may take a while to get back to you, especially if your message deserves a thoughtful response.

If you’re curious enough about me to have read this page, consider this an open invitation to get coffee. Or maybe we can just get together and eat a bunch or caramels. Just email me and we’ll make it happen.

This page was last updated in August 2022.